Effective: July 2019


“To provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment, to improve and enrich the quality of people’s lives by bringing together diverse groups to share information and activities.”

Rules of Use

1.      No activity may be conducted at The People Place Busselton if it is inconsistent with its philosophy.

2.      Users wishing to hire The People Place Busselton must make application to the Administration Staff members.  Applicants must be 18 years or older.

3.      The “Application for Use” form must be completed and returned to the Administration Staff PRIOR to commencement of first booking.

4.      CANCELLATIONS: must be received PRIOR to commencement of booking.  They can be cancelled by email, in person to an Administration staff member or by telephone.  Failure to do so will result in full payment being required for the booking.

5.      Users are allocated 30 minutes set up time prior to booking time, and 30 minutes pack up time afterwards.  Sometimes there are other groups booked in prior and after other bookings.  Therefore, users are asked to adhere to their allotted time with the generous set up and pack up times allotted them.

6.      All user groups are to set up/pack up equipment as needed (ie. chairs, tables, etc)

7.      Users shall leave The People Place Busselton in the state in which it was found before the commencement of their use.  This is necessary due to the possibility of another user having a booking immediately afterwards.

8.      Each user is responsible for all damages and breakages during the time of their use.  All equipment and property of The People Place Busselton must be treated respectfully

9.     Any maintenance, health and safety issues, please report to Administration staff as soon as possible.

10.    Users are responsible for the behaviour of all persons within their group.  In particular no person shall

a)      behave in a disorderly or offensive manner;

b)      use any indecent or offensive language;

c)      be affected by drugs or alcohol;

d)      create or take part in any disturbance; or

e)      create a nuisance or annoyance to any other users or to persons in nearby premises.

  1. Users shall at the conclusion of each use:

a)      leave The People Place Busselton in a clean and tidy condition;

b)      remove and place all rubbish in the bins provided;

c)      wash, dry and pack away any dishes used;

d)      turn off all electric lights and appliances, in particular, AIR CONDITIONERS;

e)      lock external doors and windows and return all keys;

f)       promptly report all damage to or defacement of the building or any equipment; and

g)      pack away all equipment (chairs, tables, crockery etc).

12.    The People Place Busselton is a smoke free environment.  Smoking is prohibited.  Incense, oil burners and the like are prohibited.

13.    Users shall show respect and common courtesy to all other users of The People Place Busselton.

14.    Users are responsible for children using The People Place Busselton, including the outdoor areas, and for the supervision of those children at all times.  The People Place Busselton is not responsible for injuries to unsupervised children.  All equipment used by children must be returned and/or covered and left as it was at the commencement of use.

15.    The right to use The People Place Busselton is conditional upon compliance with these rules.  Any user or user group which does not comply with these rules may have their use of the centre discontinued at any time.

16.    The People Place Busselton accepts no responsibility for injury to persons in or about the centre, or loss or damage of property brought onto or left at the centre.

17.    The People Place Busselton reserves the right to review and vary the hire charges, as well as the right to add, vary or delete all or any of these rules from time to time, all of which adjustments and variations will take effect from the date or time nominated by The People Place Busselton.

18.  Invoices are to be paid within 7 days of issue, unless other arrangements have been made directly with Administration Staff.

Assistance Animals

Assistance Animals are welcome at The People Place Busselton.  However, handlers who require their Assistance animal to attend the People Place with them are required to contact the staff in the office during office hours, to obtain the guidelines of Assistance Animals.  Failure to do so, may result in denial of entry to the People Place Busselton.